Can I use your nail art photos for reblogging?
  My photos must not be altered in any way. This is not acceptable. Editing another person's pictures for your own use or removing the watermark isn't fair. However, you can pin or use my photos as long as you include a link back to this blog.

Are those natural nails?

What nail art tools do you use?
   Keep a watch for a post on nail art tools in the future.

What camera do you use to take nail art photos?
   I use Sony Cyber-Shot  DSC-S730.

Do you paint both your hand's nails?
   No not always.

Which is the template I see on this blog?
  I used to use the Simple Blogger template and make custom changes to it using CSS and/or HTML. For a short while, I used a premade template but I kept coming back at the idea of designing my own template. So, yeah I'm a gal who loves doing things herself.

Why did you choose the name The MANIeuvre Nails?
  Manoeuvre (US: maneuver) means a series of moves needing skill and care. Doing a manicure requires a lot of skill and care.......hence the name The MANIeuvre Nails.


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