Saturday, 10 September 2016

Minnie Mouse French Manicure

Hey everyone!
Here I am with my first post! Its a Minnie mouse French manicure. I was recently looking for inspiration on Pinterest when I found this one. I'll include that picture in the end of this post as well.


        Polishes used:
        Revlon Street Wear in Bridal sensation
        Elle 18 Shade no.35(black)


 I started with the red polish and made a freehand French stroke with the polish brush itself.
Then, I added dots with white acrylic paint, the ribbons and the mickey head with the small end of a bobby pin using the black polish. If you wanna learn how to do the ribbon, Chalkboard Nails has a great tutorial in the tuxedo manicure


       Here's the original tutorial.

Source: Internet
       Please tell me in the comments below what you felt about this manicure.

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