Wednesday, 12 October 2016


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Yesterday night, I sat clueless at my table thinking about what to post next.

My brain wasn't ready to think. So, off I went to YouTube and started browsing for some easy, less time consuming nail art. I then came across this waterfall nail art by The Nailasaurus. I also saw a Koi fish nail art by MrCandiipants but that ought to be time consuming so I decided to do the waterfall. I will do the Koi fish one some other time.

alt="waterfall nail art" />

Okay, so now after that's done, let's talk polishes. In my version, I used Nail Trend Pearl White
for the base. The waterfall stripes were painted using OPI Do You Lilac It? I told you I'm obsessed with it) , Nail Trend Passion Pink, Nail Trend Coral Pink, and Revlon Street Wear Saucy Orange. I used Maybelline Color Show Crystal Clear for the topcoat.

Now, a signature pose like how Sammy does it!

alt="waterfall nail art" />

There you go!!

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